The perfect combination of

Twenty years ago, FirstChoice set out to simplify and improve the hiring process. This was a time when “advanced” hiring services were using personality tests, which we knew were gimmicky and outdated.

So, we hit the books, talked to psychology professors, and crafted one of the most accurate behavioral tests; a patented assessment that can gauge an applicant’s success in your company with 92% accuracy! That’s unheard of to this day, but we weren’t done yet.

While many hiring agencies were transitioning to automated call systems, we did the opposite. We actually hired more account managers, because no one likes to talk to a robot. These same agencies began providing platforms where their customers actually have to design and post the job ads themselves… not us! Once again, we went against the grain and decided to handle everything for our clients ourselves.

This is when Happy Hiring came to life. From job ad creation, to applicant assessments, posting jobs, to organizing candidate resumes… we do everything for our clients. So, if you’re ready to save time and money, while retaining the best employees, our Happy Hiring solution is the answer you’ve been looking for.